80s cartoon podcast
The 80s cartoon podcast where Cobra Commander rules the world while eating C3POs cereal. Where we review an 80's cartoon for your pleasure. This podcast has 3 hilarious hosts that keep you entertained and laughing.
Episode 17 - Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true Episode 17 - Muppet Babies.  The gang is back and this time we're all hepped up on Christmas doof balls!  This week we find our brave team rolling around the nursery with those lovable, cuddable, so irresistible Muppet Babies.  This week we review Season 1, Episode 2: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Dark?  You know when Bunsen and Beaker come over to spend the night things are going to get a little weird.  Oh yeah ... Merry Christmas!
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Episode 16 - For the honor of Grayskull here is She-Ra Episode 16 - She-Ra.  After a short holiday break the gang joins the craptacular team of a stick, the gay uncle of Man-At-Arms, a frumpy Orko, a gay bat with rainbow ears, and a sorceress that can't cast more than one spell without fainting.  This week we review Season 1, Episode 2: Beast Island.  This episode we put aside the sexual tension between brother and sister and fight the evil Hordak in the always scary Fright Zone!
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Episode 15 - With the speed of the Puma here's Bravestarr Episode 15 - Bravestarr.  The crew is back this time teaming up an Indian cowboy, a sheriff Ewok, a zombie Chinese man and a horse holding a freakin bazooka it can only mean one thing, we've landed on New Texas!!!  This week we think (damn IMDB) we review Season 1, Episode 63: No Drums, No Trumpets.  I'd like to say I want to help Bravestarr, but this week I'm on Sandstorm's team ... because Paco is the hero by shooting a lock!?!
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Episode 14 - Go Go Gadget Podcast! Episode 14 - Inspector Gadget.  Two weeks late and we are back with out Halloween inspired podcast.  This week it's Inspector Gadget Season 1, Episode 8: Haunted Castle.  Join us as we team up with Penny, Brain, and the inspector himself to foil the rotten plans of the baddest ass to never show his face, since Cobra Commander (minus that one time in the comic :D ), the infamous Dr. Claw.  This week we help make Transylvanian safe for the annual Crime Fighting Convention (I know I can't make this stuff up).
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Episode 13 - Voltron and I'll form the head! Episode 13 - Voltron. This week jump into your robot lion and help us protect the planet Arus from the evil King Zarkon. This week we review Season 1, Episode 24: Raid of the Alien Mice. Defend the gates of the Castle of Lions from the greatest threat the universe has ever seen ROBIT MICE THAT KNOW BOXING!!!
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Episode 12 - My Little Pony PWNS your face! Episode 12 - My Little Pony and Friends. This week follow the gang to the magical wonderful Ponyland as this week we review two episodes for your listening pleasure. Season 1, Episode 20: Pony Puppy & Season 1, Episode 40: Would Be Dragonslayer. Join us as we visit majestic Paradise Estate where the biggest problem facing the ponies is raising a dog. And help a pansy get his knighthood. I know dragon slaying could be dangerous but around these adorable little ponies even that is cute!
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Episode 11 - Silverhawks are Super Slick! Episode 11 - Silverhawks Join the gang as we dip ourselves into liquid hot steel to become partly metal, partly real to team up with the Silverhawks to fight the evil Mon*Star. This week we review Season 1, Episode 1: The Origin Story. Robot Darth Maul vs. Space Squid NUFF SAID!!!
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Episode 10 - D-d-d-ducktales Oo-oo! Episode 10 - Ducktales Join the gang and we venture to Duckburg to solve a mystery or rewrite history because this week we review Ducktales Season 1, Episode 5: Too Much of a Gold Thing. Come cure your gold fever as we venture deep into The Valley of the Golden Suns. Don't worry I'm opening all three doors -hic-!
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Episode 9 - Thundercats are Totally Tubular! Episode 9 - Thundercats Hold on tight as the gang jumps ships from their homeworld of Thundera and makes course for Third World. This week we review Thundercats Season 1, Episode 9: The Garden of Delights. Come get your drug fix as Tygra becomes a junkie for Silky's fruit. Just remember kids don't lick the snozzberries.
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Episode 8 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shocked! Episode 8 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Watch out for stray shots from the dreaded retro-mutagen gun because this week the gang is reviewing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Season 1 Episode 5: Shredded & Splintered.  Join us as we sneak into the Technodrome to smash Shredder and Krang.  And stop their evil plans of making the fabulous foursome into a delicious bowl of turtle soup.
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Episode 6 - M.A.S.K. is so macho Episode 6 - M.A.S.K.
The gang is back catching up on the allusive episode 6!  This time we review M.A.S.K., Season 1, Episode 1: The Deathstone.  Stay close to our sides kids as we go on a thrilling adventure with the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (they are clever but they can't spell) to do battle with the most ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world, COBRA ... I mean V.E.N.O.M.!
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Episode 7 - Care Bears are Crazy go nuts! Episode 7 - Care Bears
Because we can't count the gang brings to you this week episode 7 - Care Bears!  This week we review Season 4, Episode 9: Beautiful Dreamer / Care Bear Carneys.  Come with us as we float up to Care-a-lot to help Love-a-lot and friends do battle with the evil Beastly and Shrieky, all because Shrieky wants to sing.
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Episode 5 - G.I. Joe is a real american hero Episode 5 - G.I. Joe
The gang is back reminding everyone why we loved G.I. Joe and hate the movie.  This week we review the two part episode from Season 1, Episode 54 & 55: There's No Place Like Springfield.  Tag along with Shipwreck as he gets a proper mind melt in his hometown of Springfield, just be careful and don't get any synthoid on your shoe.
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Episode 4 - Captin N is gnarly Episode 4 - Captain N The Game Master
Holy Nintendo Mega Man it's a Captain N episode!  This week the gang reviews Cody's Achilles heal, something video game related, an episode from Season 1, Episode 4 - Videolympics.  Visit Mount Icarus for the greatest Olympics showdown since the games took place in our hometown of Salt Lake City.
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Episode 3 - Superfriends = super radical Episode 3 - Superfriends
In honor of the almighty comic-con this week the gang reviews a SuperFriends : The Legendary Super Powers Show (say that 10 times fast), Episode from Season 1, Episode 5: Island of the Dinosoids / Uncle Mxyzptlk.  Visit Metropolis and witness Mr. Mzyzptlk forget his pants while taking a young Superman to the zoo.  Also visit the quaint little island lost somewhere inbetween Metropolis and Japan, where everything has a dinosaur counterpart. 
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Episode 2 - He-man is bad to the bone Episode 2 - He-man
By the power of Grayskull it's a He-man episode!  This week the gang reviews a He-man episode from Season 1, Episode 25 - Evilseed.  Visit Eternia and watch as He-man and Skeletor team up to battle the evil vile despicable talking artichoke EVILSEED!!!

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Episode 1 - Transformers
The gang reviews a Transformer's episode from Season 2, Episode 46 - Starscreams's Brigade.  Visit Cybertron and witness Starscream's attempt at overthrowing Megatron, while getting shot in the balls with lasers.  Good time and good ball shots.
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