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The 80s cartoon podcast where Cobra Commander rules the world while eating C3POs cereal. Where we review an 80's cartoon for your pleasure. This podcast has 3 hilarious hosts that keep you entertained and laughing.
Episode 24 - No color hating allowed here it's ... Rainbow Brite

Episode 24 - Rainbow Brite.  Throw aside all those dark gothy clothes because this week we jump on our wannabee unicorns and join up with Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids.  This week we review Season 1, Episode 6: Invasion of Rainbowland.  Wow is there a lot going on in Rainbow Land ... we've got picking up color crystals and turning them into star sprinkles to do!  This week we stumble on an alien invasion!!! well sorta, well actually not ... we just get to make friends with an alien that can speak Japanese, Spanish, or English and get our color stolen.

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