80s cartoon podcast
The 80s cartoon podcast where Cobra Commander rules the world while eating C3POs cereal. Where we review an 80's cartoon for your pleasure. This podcast has 3 hilarious hosts that keep you entertained and laughing.
Episode 25 - Grab your lightsaber I mean sunsword it's Thundarr The Barbarian

Episode 25 - Thundarr The Barbarian. Join us as we travel to the year 1994 + 2000 to join up with the horse-riding Thundarr, Ookla the Mok, and Princess Ariel.  This week we review Season 1, Episode 1: Secret Of The Black Pearl.  We brave the vast wastelands, doing battle with mice on scooters with sticks that shoot lasers, just to carry the black pearl to the ruins of Manhat.  Good thing we have that black pearl because we're going to need it when we fight the STATUE OF LIBERTY!!!

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