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The 80s cartoon podcast where Cobra Commander rules the world while eating C3POs cereal. Where we review an 80's cartoon for your pleasure. This podcast has 3 hilarious hosts that keep you entertained and laughing.
Episode 52 - It's Punky Brewster

We are back and this week we go big and by big i mean Soleil Moon Frye (wink wink nudge nudge).  This week we review It's Punky Brewster season 1, episode 3: Pretty Ugly / Glomer's Story.  Join us this week as we finally out what's at the end of a rainbow ... if you guessed a leprechaun chipmunk then a PUNKY POWER to you!!!

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Episode 51 - Heathcliff

Episode 51 - Heathcliff

Wow it has taken us 51 episodes to get to Heathcliff, for shame!  Well we finally got here this week we take our plane / boat Cadillac and head to the junkyard as we hang with Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats.  This week we review Season 1 Episode 49: Boom Boom Pussini - Beach Blanket Mungo.  Join us as we double dip and help train Heathcliff for hiss big pro wrasslin debut (you know Cody will WWF out!).  After that we head to the beach to shred some gnar waves in the annual Beach-Blanket-Surf-Off-a-Thon (presented from Mountain Dew).

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Episode 50 – Ewoks

Just when you thought nothing else could ruin your enjoyment of the Star Wars universe (yes that is a direct dig at the re-imagining of the holy trilolgy for the bluray releases) here we come and poke fun at those lovable little rock throwers the Ewoks.  This week we tear down those tree hugging hippys, should have been the Wookies, Wicket and his cute little friends as we review Ewoks Season 01 Episode 01: Cries of the  Trees.

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Episode 49 – Teen Wolf

This week we dodge the green lightning storm of doom and head off to Wolverton (RIP Beacontown) to get our woof pack on with Scott, Stiles, and Boof.  This week we review Teen Wolf Episode 7: Wolf Pride.  What happens when a Steven Spielberg look-a-like rolls into Wolverton (shouldn't this be the birth place of Logan and not Scott Howard? - I digress) and wants to film a evil werewolf movie, inhabited by friendly werewoofs? If you guessed they join teh stunt crew and lay down the ol' bananna peel gag then you are correct!  Bananna peel gags will always make the general public come to love a lycanthrope.

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Episode 48 – Saturday Supercade

What happens when you combine Donkey Kong, Frogger, Donkey Kong jr., Q-bert, Pitfall!, and Space Ace with cheesy 80s cartoons? Cody blows his load and goes to heaven!  This week the crew pulls out their stacks of quarters and heads to the arcade to tame Saturday Supercade.  This week we review Donkey Kong Ep 19 - Hairy Parent and we double up on you because we also review Frogger Ep 12 - Here Today, Pawned Tomorrow.  Yes sirs we get down and geeky with the two greatest fads of the 80s cartoons and arcades!

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Episode 47 - Spiderman

Episode 47 - Spiderman

The gang is back to help Spiderman celebrate this summers release of Captain America.  This week we sling into action to help the Capt and Spidey battle Red Skull and his crane game claw of mind switching DOOM!  This week we review Spiderman - Season 01 Episode 18: The Capture of Captain America.  For those counting along, we know that episode 46 is missing ... our quality control department decided it was against our best interest to put it out on the internets ... so enjoy the Spidermans!

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Episode 45 – Pound Puppies

Come join Cooler and the gang as we escape being turned into adorable doggy fur-coats by the hands of the dastardly duo of Captain Slaughter and his Cruella de Vil rip-off, Katrina Stonehart ... because this week the gang takes you Wagga-Wagga to run down Pound Puppies Season 01 Episode 10 - Wagga Wagga.  

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Episode 44 – Turbo Teen

Episode 44 - Turbo Teen

Come take a ride on whitey as this week we review Turbo Teen.  We review Season 1, Episode 8:  Dark Rider and the Wolves of Doom!  Join us as Turbo Teen proves to be one of the the most scientifically accurate and the most harmless and nonthreatening villain the 80's had to offer.  Turbo Teen and his crew has to find a way to escape a monster truck chase and rescue his dog (I know action PACKED!!!).  Turbo Teen shows us again and again that if you ride him hard enough, he will get the job done and get the bad guy in the end.

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Episode 43 – Karate Kid

Episode 43 - Karate Kid

This week we go out and find us the most sterio-typical Asian we can ... Yep this week we review Season 1, Episode 1 of the Karate Kid.  Join us as we venture deep into the heart of racial stero-types as every character ends up a caricature.  From the ever subtle leather thong wearing Mayan to Mr. Miyagi not breing rable to ray a ringle word riftout rolling ris Rs.


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Episode 42 - Dragon Ball‏
This week we play with balls.  Lots and lots of balls, seven to be exact.  The gang reviews Dragon Ball.  We watch Season 1, Episode 1, about newly orphaned monkey-tailed boy named Goku who befriends a woman named Bulma.  Bulma is after the 7 Dragon Balls in which Goku is the owner of 1.  Bitch is after his money.  Join the gang as they try to find the wish-making golden balls of the legendary dragon.
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Episode 41 – Wuzzles

Episode 41 – Wuzzles

This week the gang tackles the current transgender issues by reviewing the Wuzzles.  Join us as we watch God's and Disney's adorable misfit kids in Season 1, Episode 1, Bulls of a Feather.  The Wuzzles try to return a baby bullfinch back their mother.  Help us and the Wuzzles as we fight for equal rights just as the Carebears and Gummi Bears enjoy.

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