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The 80s cartoon podcast where Cobra Commander rules the world while eating C3POs cereal. Where we review an 80's cartoon for your pleasure. This podcast has 3 hilarious hosts that keep you entertained and laughing.
Episode 68 - Disney's Halloween Treat

Episode 68 - Disney's Halloween Treat.  Get out your pumpkins and costumes we're going trick or treating!  This week the gang tackles Disney's Halloween Treat, a show aired in the 80s filled with cartoons from the 40s and has nothing to do with Halloween ... so I'm sure listening to this weeks episode will be a great way to spend the next 2 hours.

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Episode 66 - Madballs.

Episode 66 - Madballs.  

What if I told you we go an hour and a half talking about Madballs and we don't make a single testes joke.  You are in luck i think a couple slipped past!  This week Season 1 Episode 1 Madballs - Escape from Orb.  Join the crew as we parody 50s rock and roll hits while doing battle with the nefarious Badballs!

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Episode 66 - Rambo

Episode 66 - Rambo.  Tighten up your headbands and strap on your bow and arrow because this week we join up with John Rambo to throw our gun at the evil General Warhawk.  This week we review Rambo: The Force of Freedom S.01 E13 - Raid on Las Vegas.  How would you like to listen to three people talk for two full hours about a movie they've never seen?!?  Oh boy this week's episode will prove to be very informative!

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Episode 65 - E3 2013 Wrap up.  This week we break from our standard format as E3 was kind enough to grant Cody and Diana media access to E3 2013!  So this week we talk for two hours about our thoughts on everything we saw and played, and sneak in a lot of talk about Man of Steel (SPOILER ALERT IS IN FULL EFFECT).  So if your here for a cartoon wrap up only ... ignore this week and we'll be back next week with our regular scheduled programming.

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Episode 64 - Bionic Six

Episode 64 - Bionic Six.  Well we've done it ... I think we've recorded our most offensive episode ever.  Who would have thought it would have came from watching an episode of Bionix Six, well in our defense we did watch S01E09 - A Little Handicapped.  Join us as we try to find the line that shouldn't be crossed when talking about the less fortunate ... so we can go WAY over it.

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Episode 63 - The Incredible Hulk

Episode 63 - The Incredible Hulk

Hold onto your gamma ray inducing Transmat Teleporter (copyright 1983) because this week we get angry watching S1 Ep 13 of the Incredible Hulk - The Hulk who Destroys Bruce Banner! 

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Episode 62 - Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Episode 62 - Super Mario Brothers Super Show.  

You have a princess in another castle that needs saving? Then join us to do the saving in the most 80s way possible ... BMX Race-Off!!!  This week we review S.01 E.11 of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show - Mama Mia Mario/The Great BMX Race.  Quite possibly the greatest 80s cartoon that ever spun off and created a hit game franchise (or was it the other way around?!?) .. although Bart vs. the Space Mutants and G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor for the NES might say otherwise.

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Episode 61 - The Raggy Dolls

Episode 61 - The Raggy Dolls

This week we reach deep into the reject bin, don't worry we didn't invite Jared back for another podcast, instead we reviewed UK favorite The Raggy Dolls Season 01 Episode 02 - The Big Top. Join us as we learn a valuable lesson in tolerance and humility (yeah right you know that isn't going to happen).

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Episode 60 - G.I. Joe the Movie

Episode 60 - G.I. Joe the Movie.  Cobra-la-la-la-la-la!!! Thats right kids this week the crew jumps in their trouble bubbles and joins forces with the Joes to drop some double ax handle slams on Nemesis Enforcer!  This week we review G.I. Joe: the Movie ... and not the shitty Channing Tatum one either, the real one where Duke dies .. I mean goes into a coma.

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Episode 59 - Garfield and Friends.  This week we take longer than normal to get to the cartoon, but it's for a very good reason, Cody's got a story about how his Christmas tree got Goldberg speared by his drunk friend.  After that we jump right into the mud with Orson, Roy, and Wade ... Garfield's friends!!!  This week we review Season 2 Episode 28: Binky Goes Bad! / Barn of Fear / Mini-Mall Matters.

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